Temporal lift

BMI 30+


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Operation Time

60 minutes

Recovery time

1-3 days








2 Days

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Temporal lift Operation Description

“The Temporal Lift: Unveiling Comprehensive Insights and Beyond” is a detailed article designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Temporal Lift procedure, covering various aspects you may not yet be familiar with. Here, we have thoughtfully outlined the primary topics to give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

What is temple aesthetics?

This aesthetic procedure targets the age-related deformities in the temple area, enhancing the overall appearance of the face and providing a more youthful and firm look. Notably, the Temporal Lift isn’t exclusive to older individuals; it caters to anyone troubled by issues in their temple area.

This type of aesthetic surgery aims to address temple-area imperfections and sagging through a meticulous stretching technique. Several factors can trigger the need for temple aesthetics, including an unhealthy diet, smoking, inadequate hydration, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, the natural aging process, and frequent facial expressions. Thanks to the advancements in modern medical technology, aesthetic procedures offer effective solutions for a wide array of bodily concerns.

This procedure can yield a multitude of outcomes, which encompass:

  • Diminishing wrinkles and creases in the brow, forehead, and the corners of the eyes.
  • Creating a smoother appearance on the forehead.
  • Elevating the outer 1/3 of the brow.
  • Eliminating or lessening the hooded appearance over the upper eyelids.
  • Smoothing away “crow’s feet” around the eyes.
  • Bestowing a wider and more open look to eyes that might seem somewhat drowsy.

Tighten & Smooth The Skin With A Temporal Lift

The Temporal Lift, often referred to as the ‘T-Lift,‘ represents the latest advancement in the realm of age-reversing techniques, focusing on facial rejuvenation. This innovative approach involves lifting and tightening the skin through a small incision in the scalp. The outcome is a natural, youthful, and visibly firmer facial appearance, specifically targeting the temporal brow area, where the most common signs of aging tend to appear.

This minimally invasive procedure yields instantly visible results and typically requires only about an hour to complete. It is conducted under local anesthesia by one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons, Mr. Fallahdar, who holds membership in the Royal College of Surgeons. After undergoing a temporal lift in the UK, you can expect minimal post-operative downtime, enabling you to swiftly return to your daily routine with smoother, firmer, and rejuvenated skin.

The benefits of this procedure can endure for a remarkable 2 to 3 years, ensuring that you relish the natural, tightened, and lifted appearance of your skin during this extended period.

The process of Temple Lift Surgery

If you’re considering a temporal lift, the journey typically commences with an initial consultation where you will have the opportunity to meet the medical team and the surgeon who will assess the upper half of your face. This consultation serves as a platform for discussing your desired outcomes.

When the day of your appointment arrives, the procedure will be conducted in-house at Healwide Clinic’s operations theater, diligently supervised by our esteemed medical team. Local anesthesia will be administered, and the temporal brow lift procedure is generally completed within approximately one hour.

Bilateral incisions, discreetly placed within the hairline, will be made. The skin will be gently lifted upward to achieve tightening, and subsequently sutured and stapled to ensure proper closure.

After your temporal lift, you’ll experience minimal downtime, allowing you to resume your normal activities within a few days. Notably, the sutures and staples are cleverly concealed within your hairline, which means you can comfortably return to work well before they are removed.

The procedure cannot be performed if you have received anti-wrinkle injections in the four months preceding your temporal lift in the Turkey. This is because the results of anti-wrinkle injectables or filler treatments must have fully dissipated to enable effective skin lifting. However, exceptions may be made if anti-wrinkle injectables were administered within 2-3 days before the treatment, though the final decision rests with the surgeon’s discretion.

Booking your Temporal Lift at Healwide Clinic

At Healwide Clinic, our team is meticulously chosen to provide our patients with the utmost care and attention from our qualified and exceptionally skilled medical professionals. Our Treatment Coordinators, who possess extensive knowledge, play a pivotal role in offering invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire treatment process, both prior to and after the procedures. They work in close collaboration with our other specialists.

Our broader team is dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives treatment of the highest quality. Our primary goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible when you visit us for a temporal lift, and we are committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere characterized by privacy and discretion.

We firmly believe in treating each patient as a unique individual, tailoring our approach to maximize the achievement of natural-looking results. We exclusively provide products and treatments that we have personally tried and tested, guaranteeing their safety and effectiveness. This commitment ensures that you receive top-notch treatment from leading industry professionals. To gain further insights into your temporal brow lift in the Turkey, please do not hesitate to explore our services.

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