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Operation Time

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10 Days








3 Nights

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Translation Services
Medical bag that contains medicines, shampoo, special post-operative foam
PRP Treatment
Can bring a companion for free
One meal a day is included at the hospital


Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Operation Description

While Turkey is appreciated worldwide for its successful results in hair transplantation applications, the FUE method is the main point of this success. Turkey’s leading and most preferred hair transplant method is the FUE hair transplant technique. This method has been accepted worldwide and successfully applied to millions of patients. The FUE technique is a hair transplant method that consists of different stages and is usually completed in a single session.

FUE hair transplant Turkey is a three-stage procedure with its full name follicular unit extraction. It is based on taking hair grafts from the donor area with healthy hair follicles, opening a canal to the place to be transplanted, and transplanting the hair follicles into the channels. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the scalp, preventing the patient from feeling pain or suffering. It is an application completed within 7-8 hours and does not require hospitalization. People can continue their daily lives after the procedure.

Working meticulously before and during the FUE hair transplant Turkey procedure is extremely important. The examinations of your doctor determine the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken. Generally, the nape area, which is aligned between the two ears, is the ideal area for hair follicle collection.

The most suitable hairline is designed for the patient’s facial features and face shape. It is critical to determine the correct hairline for a hair transplant to look natural. After all these processes, the turn is in the implementation phase.

The first step in treating FUE hair transplant in Turkey is the collection of hair follicles. After all the planning, the hair is shaved, and the patient is prepared for the procedure. The donor area is disinfected and ready for hair follicles. Roots are collected from the donor area with fine-tipped micromotors. During the collection process, attention is paid to the follicle area in which the roots are located. The collection of hair follicles according to the exit angle from the follicle channel is one of the crucial points of the FUE hair transplant Turkey procedure.

While the grafts are being collected, they are collected by paying attention to the alignment of the hair follicles to avoid hair thinning in the donor area. Hair roots are selected one by one. The grafts taken without damage are carefully cleaned and deposited to wait in a special solution. With all these steps, the collection of hair follicles is completed.

In the second stage, channels are opened in the areas to be planted. Micro channels are opened in numbers determined with a special hair transplant pen on the site with baldness or hair thinning. Microchannels should be opened under the natural direction of hair growth. This process is a point that requires the expertise of the planter. The opened channels heal within a few days after the procedure. Thanks to their micro size, they do not require stitches, and their scars gradually disappear ten days after the process.

The last stage of the FUE method is planting the taken roots into the opened canals. The collected hair follicles are planted in the channels opened one by one. Grafts should be implanted carefully without being damaged. Otherwise, the success rate of the treatment drops drastically. At this stage, synchronous work and talent are required. After planting in the opened channels, the procedure is completed.

In the FUE method, the number of grafts transplanted in one session varies depending on the bald area of the person and the number of hair follicles obtained. If the donor area is suitable, approximately 2500 hair follicles are collected in a single session. Each hair follicle contains three hair strands on average. It means that about 6000 hairs are transplanted in a single session.

The transplanted hair follicles are shed in the first month after Turkey hair transplant. There should be no concern about spillage. Then, within three months, new hair follicles become visibly evident. In the first six and seven months, 70% of the hair has grown and started to grow. Within a year after the FUE hair transplant Turkey operation, people regain their natural and bushy hair.

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Hair Transplantation

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant FAQ's

Hair transplant is a medical operation that must be applied professionally. In hair transplant application, the procedure must be performed by a specialist doctor, as well as quality materials. In Turkey hair transplant process, dermatologists and hair transplant specialist therapists should work together. A personalized treatment plan is made according to the person’s wishes, hair structure, and baldness.

The success of the treatment is directly related to determining the correct hair transplantation method suitable for the person and working meticulously at each stage of the process. Therefore, care should be taken when conducting clinical research for Turkey hair transplant.

Many clinics are established for commercial purposes that do not care about the procedure’s success. Unsuccessful hair transplant applications are performed in many countries of the world. Many domestic and foreign patients who prefer hair transplant Turkey usually concentrate on Istanbul.

Hair transplant Turkey has been applied successfully in Istanbul clinics for years. Hair transplant Istanbul is generally performed by dermatologists or hair transplant technicians.

A hair transplant is a procedure performed without opening the incision. However, it is essential to provide the necessary sterilization conditions and get support from an anesthesiologist. It is a treatment that should be applied with precision and meticulousness. When choosing the clinic to be treated, people who want to have a hair transplant should focus primarily on the success of the clinic, not the price. At this point, Healwide ® is one of the clinics that stand out as the best hair transplant Turkey.

Healwide ® is one of the most significant hair transplant Istanbul clinics that has performed thousands of successful hair transplants and works with experts in their field. Since it is a robust and reliable institution, it has a comprehensive patient portfolio. As Healwide ® health clinic, we work diligently to have the hair of your dreams by prioritizing patient satisfaction.

After choosing the right clinic, there are different topics about hair transplant Turkey that should be considered. These titles can be listed as follows:

  •       Smoking should be stopped one week before the planned date of the hair transplant.
  •       One week before the procedure, herbs or supplements that have blood-thinning effects, such as green tea, should be avoided.
  •       One week before the operation, caffeine sources such as coffee and tea should be reduced, and alcohol consumption should be stopped.
  •       It is recommended to consume a meal before the operation.
  •       Even if the hair is scraped before the operation, one should come to the center with a clean and uncoated scalp.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures today. It is also known as Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed directly on the stomach. During the surgery, the stomach is turned into a tube that looks like a banana. It is a laparoscopic surgery that is performed as a closed surgery.

The stomach is reached through a small incision in the abdominal wall. With the laparoscopy method, 80% of the stomach is cut and removed. The remaining part is sutured in a tube-like manner.

Thanks to this Gastric Sleeve Surgery, in which the stomach volume is seriously reduced, people’s food consumption is restricted. With the reduced eating habits, the amount of calories taken daily decreases, and people start to lose weight in this way.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can also reduce food absorption at a very low rate. This situation ensures that the consumed foods are not fully absorbed. Thus, people take fewer calories from the foods they consume and can lose weight.

Turkey Gastric Sleeve is considered a lower-risk surgery than other bariatric surgery methods. Continuity in the digestive system is ensured in the same way, depending on the protection of the inlet and outlet parts of the stomach. With this surgery, which only reduces the volume of the stomach, people begin to lose weight by consuming only less food.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey is an operation performed under general anesthesia and completed within one and a half hours. Since the discovery of the sleeve gastrectomy method, various stomach reduction surgeries have been performed. However, the Gastric Sleeve technique has been applied for the last 15 years, and the risk of gastric reduction surgery has been minimized.

In Gastric Sleeve, while the process mentioned above about turning the stomach into a banana shape is applied, a more comprehensive operation is performed in the Gastric Bypass method, which is another type of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey. In gastric bypass, in addition to stomach reduction, digestive interventions are also performed.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is generally preferred in exceptional cases and for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Gastric bypass can also be applied in patients with a very high body mass index, in cases where it is not desired to waste time.

However, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery method comes to the fore to perform a more risk-free operation in people with a body mass index of 30-35 and those with insulin resistance. Since Gastric Sleeve does not cause a serious lack of nutrient absorption compared to gastric bypass, it does not cause problems such as dumping syndrome. The process of adapting to the post-operative period is more effortless.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey draws attention to the fact that it is performed on people between 18-65. Due to its appeal to many applications, Gastric Sleeve surgery is applied to thousands of people yearly. The World Health Organization emphasizes that individuals with a body mass index over 35 kg/m2 are suitable for Gastric Sleeve surgery.

In some exceptional cases, Turkey Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be applied to people under the age of 18 and over 65. A personal evaluation is made for patients under the age of 18 or over 65, and their suitability for surgery is determined. If the patient is deemed appropriate, the necessary examinations and planning for the operation process are started.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a type of surgery that requires hospitalization. To prevent the risk of side effects and complications, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 5 or 7 days after the operation. Then, patients are discharged and sent off to their homes.

The weight lost with Gastric Sleeve surgery varies from person to person. Excess weight, age, chronic diseases, post-operative eating habits, and exercise affect weight loss. People who have undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey usually lose 60% of their excess weight within three years after surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be made permanent by adopting a healthy life and regular exercise. In order to achieve the desired weight, the person should act voluntarily about diet and not give up after losing weight. Otherwise, people may gain weight again after two years after the surgery. In such cases, revision surgeries may be needed.

Revision surgeries are also applied in case of complications such as stenosis or leakage in the stomach due to Gastric Sleeve Surgery. However, revision surgery is usually performed due to weight gain. In revision surgeries, Gastric Sleeve can be repeated, or a different obesity surgery can be directed.

This situation is shaped depending on the patient’s expectations and wishes. Revision surgery can be avoided with a successful sleeve gastrectomy and full control of the post-operative process.

To achieve a successful result with a single operation and maintain the development for a lifetime, the clinic to be performed should be selected carefully. Healwide ® is a private clinic serving professional surgical procedures in contracted private hospitals.

General surgeons serving the Healwide ® Health Clinic are physicians who specialize in bariatric surgery and have helped hundreds of patients reach their dream weight. In this way, the surgical process is successfully completed.


Patient representatives within the clinic participate in the entire process on the patient’s side. It provides detailed information to the patient by working in coordination with the doctor. Thus, progress is made with the proper steps throughout the process. They make referrals for needed dietitians or psychological support. In this way, all domestic and foreign patients have an easy Gastric Sleeve Turkey process.