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Healwide Clinic ® is one of the leading healthcare organizations in Turkey that has been serving patients worldwide since its establishment. As Healwide, we professionally bring together the health services our patients may need for a healthy and happy future. Healwide helps you with many medical units, especially bariatric surgery, oral and dental health, and plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Healwide Health Clinic ® has been shining since the day it started to serve. The clinic's reputation has spread worldwide, and patients from many different countries visit Turkey for the health units within the scope of Healwide Clinic ®.

Healwide Clinic ® includes doctors who are experts in their fields. Each physician is specialized in their own field and has achieved significant medical achievements. The physicians’ professionalism was brought together with the unique clinic conditions provided by Healwide Clinic ®.

We have brought together all the requirements for patients to receive quality and professional service. In health situations that require a multidisciplinary approach, you can find all the medical units you may need at Healwide Clinic ®. As Healwide, we host our patients as guests, not as a patient. We carry out meticulous and disciplined work to apply the right treatment necessary for you.

It Is Possible to Have a Happy and Successful Treatment Process with The Healwide!

Healwide Clinic

Healwide Clinic ® is a clinic that provides services following European standards. Each clinic member, from doctors to patient representatives, has a professional educational background. While our doctors ensure that the necessary treatments are applied successfully, patient representatives guide you throughout the process.

The representatives give patients access to all the information and support they may need at every moment of the treatment process. This guidance is a significant opportunity for patients coming from abroad. Thanks to the representatives of the Healwide Clinic ®, patients can be treated with high motivation without difficulty in the treatment process.

In the clinic, a meticulous study is carried out at every moment of the process, before, during and after the treatment. After the necessary procedures, all information is given to the patients so that they do not feel alone and are aware of the success of the treatment.

The quality of each material used during treatment is crucial. Especially the materials used in the field of aesthetic surgery directly affect the success of the treatment. As an awareness-raised organization, Healwide Clinic ® uses high-quality products in all our medical units.

As Healwide Health Clinic ®, we include treatments approved by the World Health Organization at our center and use FDA-approved medical materials. We are working diligently for the success of our clinic and your health by displaying a professional approach to a healthy future.

Healwide Clinic is a health tourism company which is a brand of Ruhbaş Turizm that provides private transportation, luxury accommodation, comprehensive health and travel insurance, and high-quality health services to international patients with its professional team headquartered in Istanbul/Üsküdar. 

Healwide Clinic
Healwide Clinic
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I had my gastric sleeve surgery exactly 1 month ago. I am very satisfied with the clinic and especially with Dr. İlknur and my medical consultant Ömer. I was well-informed about everything. I felt very safe during my stay in the clinic with the team’s professional manner. Dr. İlknur was very friendly and the clinic was very clean and modern. There is a family atmosphere and you feel very well cared for!
Healwide Clinic
Healwide Clinic
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From the consultation to arriving at the clinic, the whole communication and information went smoothly. I came on my own from the UK and never once felt unsafe. The aftercare was 5 stars. Every medicine was explained as what to drink/eat for the next few weeks. I've done a lot of research on this surgery and found Healwide Clinic. If you want your procedure done correctly with the best aftercare and team, I'd definitely recommend them.
Healwide Clinic
Healwide Clinic
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I struggled with losing weight my whole life. I've found Healwide Clinic and the whole team was very helpful from the beginning. They gave me all the information I need and answered all my questions. I felt like Healwide was the right clinic for me. Dr. İlknur did his job the best she could and I thank her for that and I thank the dietician for the support. Thanks.
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