Fat Injection to the Face

BMI 30+


Every Person



Operation Time

1-2 Hours

Recovery time

5-10 Days








2 Days


Fat Injection to the Face Operation Description

What is fat injection to the face?

Fat injection to the face, also known as facial fat transfer, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to enhance the appearance of the face. Fat can be injected into the cheeks, temples, lips, and other areas to add volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall facial symmetry.

Why do people get fat injection to the face?

People get facial fat transfer for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Add volume to the cheeks, temples, lips, and other areas of the face
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • To create a more youthful appearance
  • To correct facial deformities

Who is a good candidate for fat injection to the face?

Good candidates for facial fat transfer are people who have excess fat in other areas of their body and who are in good overall health. People with certain medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, may not be good candidates for surgery.

How is fat injection to the face performed?

Facial fat transfer is typically performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon will first harvest fat from another area of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. The fat is then purified and injected into the desired areas of the face using a small needle.

What is the recovery process for fat injection to the face?

Most people recover from facial fat transfer within a few days. However, it may take up to a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to completely subside. During your recovery, it is important to avoid strenuous activity and to eat a soft diet.

What are the risks and side effects of fat injection to the face?

The risks and side effects of facial fat transfer are generally mild and temporary. They may include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Numbness
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry

How much does fat injection to the face cost?

The cost of facial fat transfer varies depending on the surgeon, the geographic location, and the complexity of the surgery. However, the average cost of fat injection to the face in the United States is around $2,000-$3,000.

Is fat injection to the face right for you?

If you are considering facial fat filling, it is important to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and expectations. The surgeon can assess your needs and determine if fat injection is the right procedure for you.

Is facial fat filling permanent?

The longevity of facial fat injections can be a source of confusion for many. The reality is that facial fat grafting offers a blend of permanence and impermanence. To clarify, approximately 10-40% of the transferred fat in each application session tends to survive, while the remainder doesn’t. The underlying process essentially involves a cell transfer, and it’s important to note that cells can become damaged or perish at various stages, such as during extraction from the body, transportation, filtering, and injection.

Moreover, even some of the surviving cells from the transfer process may face challenges if they fail to establish connections with the capillaries in their new locations. As a result, only around 2 out of 10 units of fat tissue are expected to endure, and these two survivors will age with you, much like your other bodily tissues.

Swelling and bruising after facial fat filling

Following facial fat augmentation, a noticeable swelling and, in some cases, bruising can be expected in the treated area. When it comes to small, localized applications, individuals may typically resume their social activities within 5-7 days. However, for comprehensive facial procedures, the recovery period may extend to about 3 weeks. The swelling usually reaches its peak around 48 hours post-application, which can understandably raise concerns among patients who may wonder if their appearance will remain as it is.

It’s worth noting that, at this stage, more than half of the swelling is primarily edema, which will gradually dissipate over time. Around 30% of the initial swelling comprises fat tissue, which will gradually dissolve. The remaining 20% represents the permanent result. It may take up to 6 weeks to reach the final desired volume, and it’s not uncommon for patients to experience distress or impatience during this period, especially if they have difficulty managing their anxiety while waiting for the swelling to subside.

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