Gastric Sleeve


Obesity, caused by being overweight, is a disease that should be taken seriously with many health problems. Alternative solutions have been developed in the medical world for people who have attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise but were unsuccessful. Gastric Sleeve surgery is an essential treatment method used for obesity treatment today. Gastric […]

Gastric Bypass


While researching obesity surgery methods, Gastric Bypass Surgery is one of the most common treatment types faced by patients struggling with obesity. The surgery is a treatment method that has achieved serious and significant success. “What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?” makes the question highly asked. Gastric Bypass is one of the most preferred methods in […]

Gastric Balloon


In obese people, controlling hunger and adapting to diet can be challenging. This fact brings failures. The feeling of hunger can be controlled with interventions for the stomach volume of the people. At this point, bariatric surgery methods or Intragastric Balloon come to the fore. Intragastric Balloon is a treatment method for patients more warmly […]

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