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Preoperative Examinations
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Examination of Cardiology Physician
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Gastric Sleeve Operation Description

Obesity, caused by being overweight, is a disease that should be taken seriously with many health problems. Alternative solutions have been developed in the medical world for people who have attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise but were unsuccessful. Gastric Sleeve surgery is an essential treatment method used for obesity treatment today.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures today. It is also known as Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed directly on the stomach. During the surgery, the stomach is turned into a tube that looks like a banana. It is a laparoscopic surgery that is performed as a closed surgery.

The stomach is reached through a small incision in the abdominal wall. With the laparoscopy method, 80% of the stomach is cut and removed. The remaining part is sutured in a tube-like manner.

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Gastric Sleeve FAQ's

Obtaining successful results and being truly effective in treating obesity has facilitated the implementation of Gastric sleeve surgery worldwide. The frequency of Gastric Sleeve treatment is increasing day by day. It is the most preferred bariatric surgery method in recent times.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey is one of the main obesity surgery methods in Turkey. Thousands of local and foreign patients healthily lose weight with Turkey Gastric Sleeve surgery performed by obesity surgeons in Turkey.

High-weight individuals who heard that Gastric Sleeve surgery had successful results asked, “What is a Gastric Sleeve?”. After detailed information research on Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey, people decided to be an obesity treatment.

When patients with obesity problems decide on Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey, they examine the cost of the operation and the differences between clinics. Gastric sleeve is a type of surgery performed worldwide. Turkey has clinics that provide professional services in this field and perform procedures at affordable prices.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey is more affordable than in Europe and America. Thanks to Gastric Sleeve Turkey, patients receive quality services from expert physicians. Moreover, Turkey has been a desirable destination in the health sector in recent years.

Although the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery Turkey varies between clinics, it is cost-effective compared to many countries when the general comparison is made. As Healwide ® Health Clinic, we support the patient at every moment of the process. In this way, the patients complete their treatment and return to their hometowns happily. It is now possible to achieve a healthy body and to improve the future with Gastric Sleeve Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures today. It is also known as Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed directly on the stomach. During the surgery, the stomach is turned into a tube that looks like a banana. It is a laparoscopic surgery that is performed as a closed surgery.

The stomach is reached through a small incision in the abdominal wall. With the laparoscopy method, 80% of the stomach is cut and removed. The remaining part is sutured in a tube-like manner.

Thanks to this Gastric Sleeve Surgery, in which the stomach volume is seriously reduced, people’s food consumption is restricted. With the reduced eating habits, the amount of calories taken daily decreases, and people start to lose weight in this way.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can also reduce food absorption at a very low rate. This situation ensures that the consumed foods are not fully absorbed. Thus, people take fewer calories from the foods they consume and can lose weight.

Turkey Gastric Sleeve is considered a lower-risk surgery than other bariatric surgery methods. Continuity in the digestive system is ensured in the same way, depending on the protection of the inlet and outlet parts of the stomach. With this surgery, which only reduces the volume of the stomach, people begin to lose weight by consuming only less food.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey is an operation performed under general anesthesia and completed within one and a half hours. Since the discovery of the sleeve gastrectomy method, various stomach reduction surgeries have been performed. However, the Gastric Sleeve technique has been applied for the last 15 years, and the risk of gastric reduction surgery has been minimized.

In Gastric Sleeve, while the process mentioned above about turning the stomach into a banana shape is applied, a more comprehensive operation is performed in the Gastric Bypass method, which is another type of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey. In gastric bypass, in addition to stomach reduction, digestive interventions are also performed.

Gastric Bypass Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is generally preferred in exceptional cases and for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Gastric bypass can also be applied in patients with a very high body mass index, in cases where it is not desired to waste time.

However, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery method comes to the fore to perform a more risk-free operation in people with a body mass index of 30-35 and those with insulin resistance. Since Gastric Sleeve does not cause a serious lack of nutrient absorption compared to gastric bypass, it does not cause problems such as dumping syndrome. The process of adapting to the post-operative period is more effortless.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey draws attention to the fact that it is performed on people between 18-65. Due to its appeal to many applications, Gastric Sleeve surgery is applied to thousands of people yearly. The World Health Organization emphasizes that individuals with a body mass index over 35 kg/m2 are suitable for Gastric Sleeve surgery.

In some exceptional cases, Turkey Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be applied to people under the age of 18 and over 65. A personal evaluation is made for patients under the age of 18 or over 65, and their suitability for surgery is determined. If the patient is deemed appropriate, the necessary examinations and planning for the operation process are started.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a type of surgery that requires hospitalization. To prevent the risk of side effects and complications, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for 5 or 7 days after the operation. Then, patients are discharged and sent off to their homes.

The weight lost with Gastric Sleeve surgery varies from person to person. Excess weight, age, chronic diseases, post-operative eating habits, and exercise affect weight loss. People who have undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey usually lose 60% of their excess weight within three years after surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be made permanent by adopting a healthy life and regular exercise. In order to achieve the desired weight, the person should act voluntarily about diet and not give up after losing weight. Otherwise, people may gain weight again after two years after the surgery. In such cases, revision surgeries may be needed.

Revision surgeries are also applied in case of complications such as stenosis or leakage in the stomach due to Gastric Sleeve Surgery. However, revision surgery is usually performed due to weight gain. In revision surgeries, Gastric Sleeve can be repeated, or a different obesity surgery can be directed.

This situation is shaped depending on the patient’s expectations and wishes. Revision surgery can be avoided with a successful sleeve gastrectomy and full control of the post-operative process.

To achieve a successful result with a single operation and maintain the development for a lifetime, the clinic to be performed should be selected carefully. Healwide ® is a private clinic serving professional surgical procedures in contracted private hospitals.

General surgeons serving the Healwide ® Health Clinic are physicians who specialize in bariatric surgery and have helped hundreds of patients reach their dream weight. In this way, the surgical process is successfully completed.

Patient representatives within the clinic participate in the entire process on the patient’s side. It provides detailed information to the patient by working in coordination with the doctor. Thus, progress is made with the proper steps throughout the process. They make referrals for needed dietitians or psychological support. In this way, all domestic and foreign patients have an easy Gastric Sleeve Turkey process.

The best gastric sleeve surgery Turkey can be performed by clinics such as Healwide in Istanbul, Turkey. After the surgery, people transition to a new life where they will have healthy and beautiful days with the benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey. Gastric sleeve surgery, which allows 55% of excess weight to be lost within one year after the operation, also prevents diseases caused by excess weight.

Losing weight is a long process that requires high motivation, sticking to a diet for a long time, and adding exercise to daily life. Adhering to a diet for a long time can be challenging for overweight individuals. In particular, it is difficult for people with enlarged stomach volumes to control their appetite. This situation brings failure many times in the diet process.

People are reluctant to lose weight and tend to gain more weight. Gastric Sleeve Turkey provides a serious solution to the feeling of uncontrollable hunger. With the reduction of stomach volume, people cannot eat as much as they want for a particular time.

The shrinking stomach volume prevents the consumption of large amounts of food, and thus the feeling of hunger decreases. The decrease in the stomach volume of the people and the decrease in the sense of hunger lead to less food consumption. In this way, they adopt healthy eating habits more easily.

All these behaviors lead to weight loss. People lose a lot of weight in a short time. This situation positively affects the motivation for healthy eating and the general health profile. Along with the weight loss process, improvements are observed in health problems such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol levels caused by excess weight.

Studies on obesity show that overweight individuals live 10 to 15 years less due to chronic diseases. Thanks to Gastric Sleeve Surgery, people can overcome obesity. They can extend their lifespan by improving their overall health profile. On healthy days, they can dress as they wish and do the activities they want.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey also has benefits compared to other bariatric surgery methods. For example, the outer material is placed inside the stomach in applications such as gastric banding. This material may need to be removed after a certain period, or the body may react to a foreign substance. Gastric sleeve surgery eliminates this risk.

In addition to the benefits of Gastric Sleeves, there are also different positive aspects of having sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey. Turkey is a country that has proven its success in Gastric Sleeve surgeries.

Hospitals and clinics specializing in bariatric surgery in the country achieve successful results with thousands of patients every year. Patients can quickly accomplish the targeted weight loss by undergoing a trouble-free tube stomach surgery.

Healwide ® is one of the well-known clinics in treating Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey. We follow and manage the whole process closely. While providing a professional and successful surgical technique ensures this service is accessible at affordable prices.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey has many benefits for the patient’s quality of life. Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery at the Healwide ® Health Clinic will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the surgery more comfortably.

Healwide ® is one of the prominent clinics in the treatment of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey. We follow and manage the whole process closely. While providing a professional and successful surgical process, it ensures that this service is accessible with affordable prices.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey has many benefits for the patient’s life quality in general. Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery at the Healwide ® Health Clinic will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the surgery more comfortably.

First, the health status of people who want to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey is examined. Then, the eligibility criteria for Gastric Sleeve Surgery were planned in light of the information in the curriculum. During the interview with the patient, the doctor takes the patient’s anamnesis by asking various questions.

Necessary blood tests are requested, and evaluations are made according to the blood test results. Each individual between the ages of 18-65 can be evaluated whether they are suitable for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The criteria for determining suitability for surgery are as follows:

  •       Body mass index over 40 kg/m²
  •       Having a body mass index between 35-40 kg/m² and having a chronic disease related to weight
  •       Body mass index is in the range of 30 35, and type 2 sugar and metabolism disorder

The chronic diseases that are taken into consideration while making the evaluation can be listed as follows:

  •       Type 2 diabetes
  •       Hypertension
  •       Sleep Apnea
  •       High Cholesterol

Before and after Gastric Sleeve Surgery are entirely different processes. If the patients are found suitable for surgery, liquid nutrition is recommended within three days before the surgery. This process may vary according to the physician to be applied. In the post-operative period, it is worked on both the recovery of the patients and the adaptation to their new life.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the wounds developed due to sleeve gastrectomy to be closed and for total healing. One week after the surgery, people can start driving. After two weeks, patients can return to their daily lives. The recovery process after the surgery is closely related to the diet.

Patients should be extremely careful about nutrition during the recovery period after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. After the operation, a process is followed within a certain period in such a way as to return to first liquid, then semi-solid semi-liquid, and then to daily nutrition ultimately. It is extremely important from which foods the nutrients are taken during this period.

Those who want an effective result from sleeve gastrectomy surgery should make healthy eating a part of their life. Usually, the post-surgery process is provided by a dietitian follow-up. After Gastric Surgery, endocrinologists, general surgeons, and dietitians perform a multidisciplinary study.

In this way, it aims to feed the patient correctly and reach the ideal weight. At first, general principles come to the fore. Diet planning is done in a way that is specific to the patient. The headings to be considered in general are listed as follows:

  •       Consuming about 60 grams of protein per day
  •       Not skipping meals
  •       Eating as 3 main meals and 2 snacks
  •       Not eating in front of the TV
  •       Consuming small portions
  •       Using small plates and small fork
  •       Eating slowly and chewing a lot
  •       Stopping fluid intake half an hour before meals
  •       Using recommended vitamin and mineral supplements

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the patient is recommended to exercise. With regular sports performed under the supervision of a specialist, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery success rate in Turkey is increased, and the healing process is accelerated. A personalized exercise program should be created, and movements should be determined.

Initially, the patient should start doing sports without forcing himself while doing the exercises. It aims to achieve a healthier quality of life by adopting a healthy lifestyle and making exercise a habit.

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery, there is a severe decrease in food intake. Due to the reduction of stomach volume, people consume less food. This situation can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The doctor follows the vitamin and mineral values of the people regularly. Vitamins and minerals deemed appropriate by the doctor should be used without interruption. In this way, vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be prevented.

The post-surgery process can be successfully overcome by paying attention to proper nutrition, sports, and taking vitamins. Also, patients should consume mineral supplements during the Gastric Sleeve Surgery recovery time.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a type of surgery that can have side effects. The possibility of developing side effects after surgery is lower than in other bariatric surgery methods. The side effects that may develop due to the surgery should be brought under control in a short time, and the healing process should be ensured to continue positively. Side effects may develop due to surgical interventions and during the recovery period after surgery.

Digestive problems can be observed as a side effect due to intervention in the stomach structure after the surgery. People may have difficulties with intolerance to certain foods. In addition to the intolerance problem, loss of appetite can bring the following symptoms.

  •       Nauseating
  •       Diarrhea
  •       Inadequate Nutrition
  •       Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

In Gastric Sleeve Surgery, there is a risk of leakage in the stomach after surgery. If such a situation develops, people may observe the following side effects.

  •       Acceleration in heartbeat
  •       Feeling pain in the stomach
  •       High cholesterol
  •       Acceleration in breathing and exhalation
  •       High body temperature

Patients should see a doctor if the side effects mentioned above are observed. In case of leakage in the stomach, a second surgical intervention may be needed to correct this problem. In this case, revision surgery must be performed.

It may be necessary to start antibiotic-containing drug treatments to prevent an infection that may develop due to food leakage. In such cases, the doctor follows the patient closely throughout the entire process. After the side effects pass, the patient is discharged from the clinic.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey is performed professionally in clinics serving in the provinces of Turkey. If specialist physicians perform the surgeries, the operation’s side effects are minimized. The recovery process after surgery can be completed faster, and people adapt to their new lives more quickly.

As with any operation, Gastric Sleeve Surgery also has some risks. Turkey is a country specializing in the field of Sleeve Gastrectomy. Especially when the Gastric Sleeve Turkey reviews are examined, the rate of encountering the dangers after the surgery is extremely low, thanks to the top-ranking clinics.

As Healwide ®, one of these clinics, we warn our patients about all the risks that may occur during surgery. In this way, we provide a process based on high trust with our patients. The risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey can be minimized by performing the right surgical interventions and providing detailed patient follow-up after the surgery. However, it should be known what kind of risks it may face.

Some vital complications may develop in gastric reduction surgeries, which are rare. Bleeding or gastric leak development can be observed at a rate of 1% after Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Since such complications can put the patient’s life at risk, a second surgical intervention is immediately applied. Complications are stopped by making corrections. However, such chances are meager if the procedures are performed by a physician specializing in bariatric surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery has the lowest risk of death among all bariatric surgery methods. Although it is a major surgical operation, the risk of death is at the same level as a gallbladder operation. Since sleeve gastrectomy is a closed operation, it has a lower risk of post-operative complications.

Surgery with a small incision reduces the risk of infection in the suture area. It also shortens the recovery time. The rate of encountering troubles after surgery also varies according to the age and weight of the patient. The higher the patient’s weight and age, the higher the risk of surgery.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery should not be considered an operation performed for aesthetic purposes. Excess weight can lead to chronic diseases and chronic diseases to death. Obesity surgeries such as bariatric surgery are operations performed to prevent weight-related diseases and to accompany death.

People who decide to have Gastric Sleeve Turkey Istanbul do detailed research to find the right clinic or hospital to achieve a successful surgical result. In this context, cost and professional service comparisons are made. Gastric sleeve cost is much more affordable in Turkey compared to other European countries.

The health sector is more affordable, and the exchange rate difference is the main reason for cost-effectiveness. Even the best hospital in Turkey for gastric sleeve is affected by this cost difference. Therefore, every year thousands of people prefer Turkey for affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery cost.

Many clinics and hospitals serve in the Gastric Sleeve Surgery field in Istanbul. In this context, the success rate of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Istanbul is extremely high thanks to health institutions that provide professional services, and most patients achieve permanent results.

Healwide ® is one clinic that enables patients to reach their dream weight. Healwide ®, one of the clinics that come to the fore when tube Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Istanbul is mentioned, offers a superior service to its patients with its experienced physicians in bariatric surgery and contracted private hospitals.

We serve many domestic and foreign patients and has created special package, such as Gastric Sleeve Turkey all-inclusive for our patients. These packages are generally welcomed with great interest by overseas patients. Within the scope of the Gastric Sleeve Turkey package, a package including travel planning, flight tickets, transfers from the airport to the hotel, hospital costs, and surgery costs is offered to the patients.

Thanks to the Gastric Sleeve Turkey package, a budget is determined by planning the process in detail without additional costs. The content of the Gastric Sleeve Turkey package is explained to the patient in detail. Therefore, patients are protected from spending unnecessary expenses. The patient does not need to do any additional planning during the process.

Patient representatives plan the whole process. All the patient has to do is to go to the airport to board the plane from his/her home country. Then the rest of the process is carried out professionally and flawlessly.

As the patient arrives in Turkey, the Healwide ® health clinic’s representative meets the patient at the airport. The patient is transferred from the airport to the hotel by luxury vehicle. Depending on the arrival time, the patient is contacted directly by his doctor during that day or the next day.

The patient is transferred to the hospital on the morning of the planned surgery day. After the necessary hospitalization procedures, the surgery is performed. In the post-operative period, the patient can stay in the hospital as long as he needs. Then, if the doctor deems it appropriate, the patient is discharged within 2 or 3 days after the operation.

It is vital to come to the doctor’s control at certain intervals after the surgery. The first controls are carried out within the first ten days. After the first examination, the patient can return to his country with peace of mind.

It should be ensured that the patient and the doctor meet again within a few months after the operation. The process is followed up by asking questions about the general health process of the patient. Patients coming from abroad can conduct these interviews via online platforms. In this way, they do not have to go to Turkey again. Patients living in Istanbul can visit the Healwide ® clinic and have their meetings face-to-face.

All patients, whether domestic or foreign, can communicate with patient representatives at any time. They can learn what they are curious about in the process and share their questions. Proceeding professionally in Gastric Sleeve Surgery and staying calm at every step ensures a comfortable surgery process.

In this way, patients feel good and happy in every surgery process. Their happiness is crowned by losing weight and reaching the goal with Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Thanks to the Gastric Sleeve Turkey all-inclusive programs, the surgery is performed with meticulous planning and without any additional effort.

While patients take a big step towards their healthy bodies, Healwide ® provides full support to their patients throughout the entire process. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery process is completed with the help of general surgeons who are experts in bariatric surgery.

The Healwide ® health clinic patient’s representative also will be with the patient at every step of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey process. For more information and other details, you can contact with Healwide ® Health Clinic customer services at any time of the date.